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Sunday, March 25, 2012

ROLL LAPTOP Amazing new Technology 2012

 Roll laptop next generation

 The upcoming 2012 latest technology

The Roll Pad laptop stand

ROLL LAPTOP Amazing new Technology 2012

The roll laptop Created by Orkin Design, the concept device would roll up just like a traditional newspaper, but when unfurled would offer a touchscreen OLED display.This idea has been out there for a while, but the cool twist here is the fact that it would serve as both a 13-inch laptop and a 17-inch dedicated computer display. The unit would also come with a detachable hub with a power adapter, a stylus, and a couple of USB ports.At last this technology are awesome.roll up laptop, roll laptop 2012, roll laptop amazing, roll laptop cost, roll laptop concept, roll laptop price, roll laptop oled, roll laptop awesome,.


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